Tuesday, July 30, 2013

It may still be Summer, but Fall is out there on the horizon!

I had to go to a craft store this past weekend to pick up a set of knitting needles and a couple crochet hooks, and saw that they had already put out a lot of Fall decorations, as well as a few little displays of Halloween decorations.

Fall has always been my favorite season of the year, Halloween my favorite holiday. Why? I think simply because that's when the weather changes and we get some respite from the heat. Fall brings cooler mornings and evenings, and as a result, I have more energy and start getting out and doing more. When I start to see the signs of the upcoming season appearing in stores, it feels like a countdown has started. I start to get excited about all the things I'm going to do in October and November.

This year, it's my two-month notice to get back off my ass and start exercising regularly again so that I have the mobility and stamina to make the most of it. I've been half-assing it way too much lately. But Summer does that to me. It saps my energy and all I want to do is stay in where it's cool and shady. The motivation is there, I just have to follow through.

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