Tuesday, March 3, 2015

And I still haven't started my Spring garden. Along with other random stuff.

Because the weather has completely sucked. It's either raining or cold, or both. On the rare days it's not, the dirt is still too wet to work with.

I've decided to just do a small garden this year. Probably focusing on herbs and flowers. I still have plenty of time to plant a lot of vegetables though. Who knows. I haven't even been to a plant nursery yet. I keep meaning to go to the big box budget nursery near my house because they have 99 cent herb and veggie starter plants. I'll get a bunch of herbs there for sure. Probably cilantro, parsley, dill, basil, and mint. Thyme if they have it. And some peppers I guess. Fairy Tale eggplant if they have them as well. Maybe I can convince my friend to go with me tomorrow, or just go by myself and get it done.

I don't know why I can't get into gardening this year. Usually it's something I really look forward to. I guess the sucky weather has a lot to do with it. I'll do something. Even if it's just a few peppers, a bunch of herbs and colorful annual flowers. But I'm just not feeling it this year for some reason.

So, the perfume sampler thing has been fun. I've tried all of the fragrances at least once, and narrowed down to two final contenders: Alien and Black Orchid. I think that if Dear Husband and I go anywhere near a mall with a Sephora this coming weekend, I will actually flip a coin to decide which to trade my voucher in for and go ahead and get it. I really want both, but neither more than the other. I am not good with decisions, especially ones that don't have serious consequences, so flipping a coin is probably going to happen in the parking lot of whatever mall we happen to pass by.

I got my artist trading cards in the mail on the due date, I forgot to take photos of the other 3 categories. But I will be getting one of each of my own back when the swapmistress sends everything out. So here is how the swaps work. We pick a category or theme, and make as many identical or near identical projects as there are people in the swap. They do the same. So for example, there were 9 ATC swappers. I made 9 identical cards, the other swappers made 9 identical cards, I get 9 different cards back in the mail, including one of my own. I signed up for 4 categories. Spring, Beach, Halloween, and Vintage. The projects were a bit of a challenge because my normal paper crafting style is extremely minimalist and simple. Most ATCs have a lot of mixed media and collage work. This swap was with a scrapbook and card making oriented group so I just used up supplies in my paper craft hoard.

I still have 3 charm swaps to complete (Spring, Easter, and Hobbit/LOTR). An altered tin, and I just signed up for a Summer/Beach themed shadowbox swap. I plan on getting the charms all out Monday, so that will leave me a few weeks to do the tin and then a couple months at least to do the shadow box. I procrastinated the Hobbit/LOTR charms because I know what I want to do (a book quote) but not how I want to do it. I can do soldered edge glass pendants with paper sandwiched between the glass. I can do the same kind of thing but a piece of glass adhered over paper in a metal frame. Soldering will take forever because I have to make 12. I don't like the bails on the pendants that are trays that hold a glass piece. I may go back to the craft store to look for something else. But then again, if I just sit my ass down and start working on it, I can pull off the soldered version with no problems. In the end, that is probably what I will end up doing. All I have to do is foil the edges of 1X1 squares, solder over the foil, and then spot solder a ring at the top to attach the clasp. It's more tedious than picky work. I have everything I need. Plenty of foil tape, a new pack of solder, and a new bottle of flux. And I did order a bunch of little glass squares at one point for a small project so there are more than enough left over to complete this one.

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