Friday, May 20, 2016

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No photos this time, I couldn't find something to add today.

But I have been getting by, moving forward, and living life. It's a month since I came down with shingles and I'm still sick. The blisters are gone but I still feel run down and my arm is still a bit tender and red where the blisters were. I've been making it to my various doctor appointments so hopefully by this time next month I'll know exactly where I stand health-wise and I can start making a solid plan on what I need to do to feel better and be as well as I can be.

I signed up for the classes I really wanted to take at the Creating Keepsakes convention. A day crop, a holiday/December themed album class, an altered art journal cover with some mixed media pages inside, a beach scrapbook layout class, a class on image insert jewelry, and then the evening crop. I may sign up for a class to make a small pocket page album too, but I may not have it in the budget this time. I want to still have a bit of spending money for the vendor hall. I'll be there Thursday and Friday at the end of August.

I also am going to sign up for a couple of elaborate mixed media altered art project classes for my birthday in the middle of July at a local scrapbook store, the classes are all day the day before my birthday, so that'll be my present this year. I've been wanting to take more classes, so I'm looking forward to it.

I'm working on finishing a shades of blue with some violet, gray, and green circle jacket (crochet). It's more or less a bolero. The front is higher than the back and the front is kind of full and flouncy. I have the back/sides/front about 7/8 done and the sleeves about halfway done. So I hope to finish it up by the time I go to the crochet meetup on Tuesday night so I can start my next project, a funky BoHo patchwork cardigan. Because I have more yarn coming for a third cardigan/jacket.

I have to do a set of pocket letters this week, with a butterfly theme, I will show a photo of them for sure when I finish.

The garden is doing so so. The tomato plants pretty much got wiped out from all the rain followed by the heat and humidity. I still have some fruit ripening so that's good. Peppers are happy as they can be. Cucumbers are starting to take off finally. Potatoes actually made potatoes, and the green beans were a bit of a flop from the weather conditions. I never planted melons but still can. The surviving eggplants are scraggling along, hoping the rain will hold off and they can dry out and grow some. Herbs are so so. Cilantro is cooked in the heat. But Italian parsley is thriving (I'll be making some tabouli this weekend with it and some of the tomatoes). Mint is so so. Something ate my sweet mint and the flowers near it. Basil is thriving, bay tree is thriving, oregano and thyme are thriving but I need to move the thyme into a semi sheltered area or it will cook in the sun. I still have some kohlrabi out front that I've been eating raw because I love to peel them and eat them that way.

That's pretty much it to be honest. I want to get out and put down the deposit/first payment for my altered art classes tomorrow, run by Michael's to get the last of the stuff for my pocket letters and the yarn to finish my blue bolero jacket. Then to the supermarket and probably straight on home. I don't have any energy to get out and do much more right now. Which is fine, the class fees pretty much blew my spending money until next month. I had a gift card for Michael's already, otherwise I'd be having to shop my stash and make the best of it and wait to finish the jacket.

I have a bunch of stuff to put on Ebay. Costume jewelry I don't want, clothes I don't want, craft supply destash (mostly yarn), and a few other odds and ends. Not having a car, I need to make sure my husband can make it to and from a post office on his lunch break at work before I list the items. I hope to get my car back or a new one by the end of the year. But for now it is what it is. Even if I cut out all crafting I couldn't pay for a car so I don't feel bad about it.

That's it for now, I know I'm rambling so time to go.

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