Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Winter Solstice sunrise at Sylvan Rodriguez Park

The morning of the 21st. my Dear Friend and I went to Sylvan Rodriguez Park in Clear Lake City to watch the sun rise in alignment through the middle of the standing stones. It was cold, cold, COLD! For the Galveston Bay area at least... There was frost on the grass, steam rising from the lake, and even with a big fleece wrap and winter boots on I was close to shivering.

But totally worth dealing with the cold to be there. The park has a central area with a labryinth in the middle, ringed by a circle of trees, pairs of standing stones, and smaller stone blocks which serve as benches. The pairs of standing stones are aligned in a way that the sun rises on both the winter and summer solstices through the middle of a pair of the stones.

Since it was such a cold morning for our area, there were only about ten people there to watch the sunrise. Also, being a work and school day, that probably kept people away as well. I'll be back in summertime, and will be spending more time exploring the park itself between now and then.