Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Garden Update and harvest photo, early May 2013

Picked this morning: A couple good handfuls of Dragon's Tongue bush beans, several Husky Cherry Red salad tomatoes, a couple red jalapenos, a couple green jalapenos, and a scrawny little banana pepper.

The things that are doing well are doing really well. Bush beans are in full production, the pole beans are starting to latch onto the lattice they're planted against, the tomato plants all have lots of baby tomatoes on them, the jalapenos are starting to put out peppers slowly but regularly, and the blueberry bushes are covered in ripening fruit. The sweet peppers are growing still, and probably won't start to set fruit for a while. The cucumber vines are growing very slowly, not sure what their problem is. The first melon vines to sprout are growing well, the second planting is starting to come up. Herbs are so-so, and I've finally got some eggplant and squash seedlings that are big enough to transplant.  The big lemon tree, orange tree, and satsuma tree have all set fruit, the younger lemon tree is blooming now.

I am SO looking forward to cooking with those beans. Dragon's Tongue beans when picked fairly young are tender and sweet, with a distinct bean pod flavor. Unfortunately they lose their vivid purple streaks when cooked, but they retain their yummy flavor. IMO, the best way to cook them is to boil until just barely fork tender, then drain and toss with a pat of butter and sprinkle in a pinch of salt and maybe a couple grinds of pepper. You can also toss the cooked beans in shallot butter for a nice flavor too. The shallot really works well with the sweetness of these particular beans.