Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Creative Easter Fun: Dyed eggs and pastel mosaic manicure.

I don't really celebrate Easter in much of a big way, but I do enjoy dyeing eggs, the pastel colors, and all the other Springtime themes associated with the more secular aspects of the holiday. This year, I dyed some eggs, and painted my nails in a multicolor pastel mosaic manicure.

The eggs were kind of an impulse thing. I hadn't really planned on doing it, but I saw some really interesting egg dyeing kits at the supermarket Friday night that hooked me in. The one I picked was the Paas "tie dye" egg kit.  It wasn't your basic dip and dye kind of thing, the process was pretty involved. It came with a plastic clamshell type egg holder that you poked holes into, wrapped an egg in a wet piece of cloth, closed it up inside the holder, and dripped concentrated dyes through the holes in the holder with a small dropper, onto the cloth, where they transferred to the egg. The results were nowhere near as vivid as the photos on the package, but it did make a really neat marbled kind of pattern. It was fun, and totally worth the few dollars I paid for the kit. I kept them in a bowl in the fridge and admired them all weekend. But once the weekend was over, we ate them. LOL!  Next year, I will look for the same kit, but mix up the dye in double strength concentration to try and get darker colors I wound up with so much extra dye by following the package instructions, I could have done two dozen eggs easily.

Thursday I painted my nails in a fun multicolored pattern. I had six pastel shades from the Sally Hansen quick drying line (in the triangle shaped bottle). Pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and lavender. I painted a blob of each color onto each nail roughly in a mosaic kind of pattern. Once it had dried, I put a coat of a sheer shimmery pearlized flake-ish polish on top to give it some sparkle and help camouflage the rough edges between some of the colors. This is the best photo of the ones I was able to take. It didn't last long though, I chipped it up working in the garden Sunday.

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