Monday, June 25, 2012

Harsh reminder of why I don't log into Yahoo Messenger anymore.

For almost a year, the most I have done on Yahoo Messenger has been to log in every month or so as invisible to check offline messages. But over the weekend I was thinking about a person I used to enjoy chatting with but lost track of. I decided to log on and see if their account was even still active and maybe, just maybe... have a chance to say hi and see how they had been.

Their screenname didn't even show up on my friend list, so no luck there. But this guy I used to enjoy chatting with as a friend messages me the instant I log on.  For about ten minutes he is acting as excited as a kid at Christmas to see me online and gushing over how happy he is to get to chat with me again.

And then asks what I weigh now.

I get an icky feeling in the pit of my stomach. I know the guy is exclusively into tall supersized women but from the start has respected the fact that I'm in a committed relationship and am not looking for anything but somebody to enjoy friendly chat with. Because we're just friends and would never be anything more, it really shouldn't matter what the number on the scale says. But apparently it does.

I type the number and the response is "Oh, so, you're still losing?" I reply that yes I am, slowly, but steadily.

He never responds. Not because he had to log off or lost his connection. But because I am no longer fat enough to be worth making small talk with.

 It shouldn't matter to me, no big loss and all... but I still felt a little bummed out over it.

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