Thursday, August 23, 2012

I went curb shopping tonight, shamelessly in front of a neighbor!

One of the families down the street from us moved out today (Wednesday) and tonight when D.H. and I were on the way home from the store, I saw that they had put a stack of flower pots out for the trash along with a bunch of bags of garbage.  We stopped and snagged them because they were in good condition. I guess they didn't need them or have room for them where they were moving.  I wound up getting two large fake terracotta style pots. One is easily six gallons, the other four, both can be used to grow vegetables in. Three smaller 2 gallon real terra cotta pots, perfect for herbs. And a half gallon to a gallon sized fake terra cotta pot that has a lot of decorative texture on it that I'll put some kind of flower in and put out on the front porch.

The lady across the street from the now-empty house was standing in her driveway talking on the phone and smoking a cigarette, and shot us the hairy eyeball. Too bad, so sad, as far as I know there isn't an ordinance against "curb shopping" as long as you don't make a mess digging through stuff. I know that people come through every time we have "heavy trash" day to pick up salvageable items, and it's never a big deal. If I hadn't picked up the pots, somebody else would have in the morning.

I rarely find the goods, because the pickers come out before dawn. We just happened to have made a late-night run to the drugstore and saw them first.

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