Sunday, July 7, 2013

Knee-deep in yarn! All kinds of knit, crochet, and loom projects in the works.

It's that time of the year. Too hot for me to spend time outdoors during the middle of the day, so I look for indoor things to keep me occupied. Making things with yarn is my thing right now. I can do it anywhere there is air conditioning or shade and a breeze, and I'll have neat stuff to pack away for when the weather gets cooler.

I've made all the basic hats and scarves that I can realistically use, so I decided that this Summer I would make other things I can wear. I'm at a skill level where I can make simple garments, so my goal is to complete at least three pieces of clothing to add to my wardrobe by the time it gets cool enough to wear them. And a few accessory odds and ends and holiday gifts along the way. Currently, I've got these six projects going, I switch back and forth among them when I get bored with one or need a change of pace.

1.) Circle crochet vest: It's a simple project as far as skill level, but it is time consuming and uses a ton of yarn. I'm about 80% finished with it, but had to pack it away until I can get a few more skeins of yarn to complete it. Neither of the local stores that carry the color I need are anywhere near where I live. So, it'll be on the back burner until next weekend, when I have time to get to that part of town again.

2.) Soft and fuzzy cocoon jacket: This is another very simple project, but also a time-consuming yarn hog. Also, I'm not 100% sure about it given how the crocheted up fabric is coming along so far. It's a bit heavier than I had expected. But I'm far enough in with it that I'm not going to waste the work by undoing it. Depending on just how heavy the final piece of fabric is, I might leave it as a lap blanket instead of seaming it into the jacket.

3.) Colorful striped shawl: I'm not so much a shawl person, but I do like to go sit out on my swing in the back yard and read. And a shawl would come in really handy when the weather gets a bit chilly. Also, the knitting is simple enough to make steady progress, but has a few new techniques to challenge me and build my skills. It's a learning project for sure, and the colors are fun.

4.) Knitted purse: A smaller version of a tote bag I already finished. VERY simple knitting, so it's something I can do when I just want to keep my hands busy. And a smaller project too, so I can totally bring it to a coffee shop or needlecraft meetup to work on and not make stupid mistakes from being distracted or have to keep track of vast swaths of fabric or huge balls of yarn.

5.) Crocheted white cotton yarn purse: I'm almost finished with this, but have been procrastinating making the sewn cotton broadcloth lining. I've got to make progress on some sewing projects and mending work at some point in the near future, so I'll suck it up and get it done.

6.) Knitting loom lap blanket for my Dear Friend: He requested a warm and soft easy-care blanket for Christmas, so I figured Lion Homespun yarn worked up on a knitting board would fit the bill. Mindless but tedious work, I can do this while watching TV or listening to an audio book.

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