Friday, March 16, 2012

Another garden blog.

I decided to not do battle with the dreaded Squash Vine Borers this year, and ditched the plans to plant zucchini and squash. There are ways to combat the foul beasties, but with only five containers availible for squash plants, I decided to go with something else and just buy my zucchini at the farmer's market from people who grow on such a scale that they can afford to lose a few plants here and there. I had to go to the garden center this morning, and I got two Husky cherry tomato plants, and three Yummy bell pepper plants and put them into those containers instead. Yes, the variety of pepper is called the "Yummy" pepper. If you've seen little plastic clamshell containers of 2-3" yellow orange, and red peppers at the supermarket, that's what they are. The variety I'm growing turns from green to orange when ripe. They are extremely sweet, like fruit sweet. And have next to no seeds and membranes. I have only ever used them in salads, but I'm sure there is lots more you can do with them. The Husky cherry tomato does well in containers too, and since I didn't have any cherry tomatoes already, it seemed like a good choice. All the rest of the seeds and transplants get planted this weekend, so I am looking forward to a nice, sunny and warm weekend working in the garden. By the end of the weekend, I should be finished with about 80% of the gardening. Flowers and additional herbs may have to wait until the first of April payday. But I am for sure going to go ahead and get one 24 pack of colorful annuals just to have some more color in the back yard.

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