Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring 2012 Garden: Time to start planting!

So, here's what I will be growing this season:

- Tomatoes. Yellow Pear, Lemon Boy, Cherokee Purple, German Heirloom, and some red hybrid that's supposed to be good for this area. Along with 4 patio tomato plants to see how they do. Those got planted Monday. I might add one red cherry tomato plant, but not sure yet.

- Peppers. Chocolate bell, orange bell, green bell, poblano, and jalapeno. Those got planted today.

- Eggplant. I still have the 2 Ichiban, 1 White Ghost, and 1 Black Beauty plants from last year that are going strong and making fruit. I'm adding two more Ichiban and two Fairy Tale for this season. I'll plant those by the weekend.

- Cucumbers. The main planting will be an heirloom Japanese long cucumber I heard good things about, and also a smaller planting of lemon cucumbers for something different.

- Bush Beans. Royal Burgundy, Blue Lake, and an heirloom broad Italian variety.

- Squash. I'm going to try the baby round zucchini yet again this year. We'll see how they go.

- Beets. I have some Detroit Dark Red beets that got planted back in February that ought to be ready to harvest in another month or so.

- Carrots. I have some red cored Chanteney carrots I planted back in January that are starting to really show some growth too.

- Melons. I ordered a pack of seeds from an heirloom seed catalog that make tiny orange striped melons, and will try growing them in big containers with a trellis. The melons are only the size of an apple, so they can grow that way without pulling off the vine or pulling the trellis apart.

- Herbs. Rosemary, mint, thyme, oregano, dill, basil, catnip, parsley, cilantro, and bay leaves so far. I will probably add more though.

- Fruit. Lots of lemons on the mature tree, the immature lemon, orange, and satsuma trees are all doing well so far.

- Berries. 4 different kinds of blueberries, the bushes are half-mature so they will produce a few berries here and there but I won't get a full harvest for at least another couple of years.

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