Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Big fuzzy blue scarf.

Here's the big fuzzy blue scarf I made on a knitting board:  Authentic Knitting Board  I used the long afghan board because that's the only one I have, and used the default (1 inch I believe) gauge between the two rows of pins. The yarn is from Hobby Lobby, their Yarn Bee brand. The style and color is Infatuation : Vintage Teal  .  I doubled the strands, working two at once, and it took almost 8 skeins to get a really long and wide scarf. I'm tall, so I like for the tails of my scarves to hang to at least mid thigh on either side, after draping it behind my neck. Also, I used a standard double knit stitch on the loom, and that eats up quite a bit of yarn as well. It's not budget yarn, so I bought it whenever it was on sale. I committed a mortal knitting sin and bought a couple of different dye lots, but used one of each at a time, so it looks uniform from end to end.

I love the shade of blue, I think it goes really well with gray, and the fleece fabric I bought to make a Winter coat or wrap out of is charcoal gray.  So, I'm hoping to get it sewn in time for the first really cool night of the season so I can wear it together.  The only problem is that the scarf is pretty heavy, so I don't want to have it tied in a knot up against my throat. It fits well with the tails tossed back over my shoulders, or folded in half with the tails looped through the middle. It's also very "sproingy". The corners tend to pull out of shape a lot, but it's just the nature of the yarn and stitch I used.  But it's soft, warm, and fun. My friend said it looked like I shaved a muppet to get the yarn. LOL! It kinda does...

Another photo above, you can see how the stitches get lost in the fuzz. It has a ribbed kind of texture, which is just what you get when you do the basic "stockinette" stitch on a knitting board. It's the same on both sides, completely reversible. The yarn itself is made from two different fibers. A furry/eyelash type strand, and one that is little squares every inch or so. I really like a lot of novelty yarns, but this one was nearly impossible to knit on needles and I couldn't make any progress with a crochet hook either. So, a loom or board it had to be. I had started it on needles last year but only got about 16" and gave up. I had bought all the yarn, and didn't want it to go to waste, so it was good that the board worked with it.  It's just a fun scarf, and I am going to really enjoy it.

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