Friday, November 18, 2011

My (non) extreme couponing experiences.

I'm not much into couponing, at least not like the kind of couponing you see on the extreme coupon show. I don't put forth much effort into finding, clipping, and organizing the coupons. And I don't have a stockpile of free or nearly free goods. But I do save some money with coupons, and it does add up over time. I'm curious as to just how much I'm saving with them, so I am going to keep a log for a month and see just how much I manage to save. It'll be a neat little experiment.

I get the weekly newspaper coupon inserts most weekends, and occasionally a second copy from somebody who saves it for me. Also, Dear Friend saves different kinds of coupons for me whenever he comes across some that he thinks I can use. I also get some from the All You housekeeping magazine I like to read. And too, some come in the mail, those are usually for local businesses. I get electronic coupon codes for craft stores and to use for online orders of clothes and other items. I'd say that very little of my couponing is for food or other supermarket items. I'm also on a few manufacturer mailing lists (paper mail and online), and get coupons that way too.

I've got a handful of coupons ready for my grocery shopping trip tomorrow morning, and a few codes for the different craft stores. I need a couple of things to finish a sewing project, so that'll count towards my weekly tally as well.

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