Wednesday, December 14, 2011

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So, we did go to the Moody Gardens festival of lights last Friday night in Galveston. It was awesome! It covers a really large area, but there are places to rest here and there, and other things to do besides walk and see light displays. About two thirds of the way through the display, they have an area with a large fire pit, concessions, fire jugglers and other performances, a giant Christmas tree to take photos around, and places to sit. A conservation group was selling s'mores kits for a couple of bucks, and you got to toast your own marshmallow over the fire pit. That was fun, the last time I made a s'more over a fire pit on a cold night was more than five years ago. You could also just sit around the fire and warm up, which is what we did for a while because it was a pretty cool night, especially right there with the wind coming off the water. I don't know if we'll get to go back before the end of the holidays (I think it runs through New Year's day). But if the opportunity presents itself, I wouldn't turn it down!

The crazy weather here is doing strange things with my garden. I got more cucumbers off of the vines. I thought they were done, but no... And the green beans are still piddling along, making a few new beans here and there. The kohlrabi isn't doing much in the way of bulbs,  nor is the broccoli making florets. The lettuce is doing well though. I got a heirloom seed catalog in the mail this week, and have been going nuts over all the amazing varieties of vegetables that I've never even heard of before. I'm going to be placing an order by the end of the month, for some new things to try in my Spring 2012 garden. With our climate, we can do at least some gardening year-round, but Spring planting needs to be planned out and ready to start going into the ground by the end of February.

This is the year that we'll be doing some "edible landscaping" in the front yard. The plan I think will be to get a small fruit tree in the ground, and at least one decorative planting bed that combines flowers, herbs, and vegetables. I still haven't decided on a species of fruit tree, but am doing my research to see what would work best for us. I've been paying attention to landscaping in the neighborhood and other areas in our town when we're out and about. It seems like most of the landscaping is pretty straightforward. Planting beds bordered with bricks, concrete shaped border blocks, or large stones. I figure the more it looks like the rest of the yards on the block, the less of a chance somebody might try to cause a problem over front yard vegetable gardening. And I'm trying to pick varieties that are ornamental as well as edible.

It's 3 weeks for us at the fitness center now. I've been going at least 3 days a week, I would love to feel up to going every day though. But, I'm having to work up to it since I'm in such bad shape to begin with. I am seeing a difference already, which is encouraging. This morning it was a lot easier to climb up out of the pool than it had been when I first started. And I've been able to stand a little longer and walk a little farther before the back pain starts. Dear Husband is seeing the start of benefits as well. He does go a little more often than me, too. He does 3 full sessions of cardio + strength training a week, and then on the off days he does just the cardio. He hasn't been every single day, but is averaging 5-6 days a week so far.

We've been making a point to eat healthier too. Especially a good proper breakfast when we get home from exercising. One thing I have been doing is making vegetable omlettes and egg scrambles. I take a bunch of spinach, maybe kale too, onion, shallot, garlic, and different mushrooms, chop them up and saute them all together, drain the liquid, and save them in single serve portions in the fridge so it's ready to go. I'll dump the veggies in the nonstick pan, warm them up and spread them out evenly, pour a couple scrambled up raw eggs in on top (or two eggs worth of egg beaters) and let it cook for a bit until the bottom is firm. Then I'll flip it, sprinkle some shredded cheese on the top, let the bottom cook and the cheese melt, flip it in half, and slide it onto the plate. I eat it with either salsa or hot sauce along with a cup of yogurt or a little glass of kefir and it makes for a very good breakfast.

As far as crafts, I've finished the fingerless mittens/hand warmers that I was making for presents, and a quick super bulky yarn black crocheted tam hat. I'm working on a burnt orange tube scarf with the smallest round knitting loom in my set, and when I'm done, I'll put a giant pompom on each end for fun. I'm making a cloak for somebody for a Christmas present, will have all next week to get it done. Cloaks can be difficult, but this is just a basic one without lining. And I hope to really get started on some of my sewing for myself too. I'm suffering from the "closet full of clothes and nothing to wear" syndrome.

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