Thursday, December 8, 2011

I love Christmas lights, the more the better!

I love Christmas lights!  For more than ten years now, one of my favorite holiday rituals is to go driving around to look at decorated houses. We used to go with some friends, we'd stop and get cups of coffee or cocoa from the coffee shop, and drive around a few local neighborhoods that were known for elaborate Christmas displays. Now, we just go alone, and have also started going to see bigger organized light displays too.

Earlier this week, we went to the Dickinson Festival of Lights - you follow a winding walking trail through a park, past dozens and dozens of colorful light displays. It's a nice little Christmastime outing, and the best part is that there is no admission fee! The night we went, was uncharacteristically cold for our area, which kept the crowds to a minimum, which was good because it's a very popular attraction.

Tomorrow night, we're going to the Moody Gardens Festival of Lights  in Galveston. A much larger and more elaborate paid-admission display. You walk along the sidewalks that wind through the Moody Gardens complex, and there are displays set up everywhere. We happened to be there last month, the day before the display officially opened and got to see them testing some of the lights, and from what I was able to see, I'm really looking forward to it!

There are so many different places to go see lights in our area, that we couldn't possibly see half of them in any one holiday season. But I try to see as many as I can. When we're out in the evenings, I like to cut through different neighborhoods on the way back home, to see if there are any really over the top houses to enjoy.

With all of this love of Christmas lights, you'd think my house would be covered in them. But, no...we keep them simple. Maybe someday I'll find the time and energy to do something really special with lights, but for now I'm good with just enjoying other people's displays.

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