Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Post-holiday catch-up blogging.

I wound up catching a cold about a week before Christmas. But by the time the 24th came around, I was already getting over it, but still feeling quite a bit run down. Christmas weekend was a very relaxing and low-key time with my inlaws at their weekend place in the country along with their dear friends who live in the same area. Exactly what I needed. My only complaint was that it rained all day Saturday and into Sunday morning, so I didn't get to really enjoy the beautiful scenery and landscape very much.

I did no holiday baking this year because I was sick. I will probably make the ginger-spice cookies that my Dear Friend requested, but for New Year's instead of Christmas.

The garden is semi-dormant, the only things growing are broccoli, lettuce, and kohlrabi. I'm working on plans for Spring 2012, and have been browsing a great heirloom seed catalog I got in the mail.

I've been on a jewelry making spree the past few days though. I had materials for a bunch of simple projects sitting in my supply box, and one of my Christmas presents was a little bag of colorful glass lampworked beads from my Dear Friend. I wanted to make something special with them, so I made a bracelet. And while I was at it, I completed some more projects. Mostly pendants that just needed stringing onto chain or cord, and a clasp assembly attached. And a repair job for a cool vintage necklace I bought years ago but had kept just stuffed in my supply box in a ziplock bag. Here's the bracelet I made with the beads I was given:

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