Monday, February 6, 2012

Things to do on Superbowl Sunday when you're not a sports fan.

Neither of us are sports fans, so we always find something to do on Superbowl Sunday that doesn't involve a game watching party or a sports bar. Most years we manage to get to a movie and dinner out while the game is going on. This year we decided to spend the afternoon at Moody Gardens in Galveston. We figured that with both the game being televised and the weather being cold and dreary, that it wouldn't be crowded at all. Which turned out to be exactly the case. The place wasn't completely deserted, there were about the same number of people there as on an off-season weekday. Which was perfect, because I wanted to spend a good bit of time in the aquarium, and it's more enjoyable without big noisy crowds. They have benches in front of some of the big glass walls where you can sit and watch the fish and other sea life swim around. It's very peaceful and relaxing. Also I was able to watch the keepers feed the penguins without having to look over a wall of kids pressed up against the glass. Same with the seals, the trainers were working with them at one point while we were there, and without a huge crowd, I was able to get right up to the railing to see what was going on.

We also went through the rainforest habitat, which felt great since it was so cold and windy outside.  I didn't bring my camera, because I didn't know how long we'd be there. But I managed to get a few photos with my phone. Here's my favorite:

That's about all we did there, visited the aquarium and rainforest pyramids. There weren't any films we wanted to see, and nothing in the Discovery (science/educational) pyramid that we wanted to see. It was a bit too cold to spend much time outside on the actual grounds but we did go outside for a little bit to one of the courtyards. I wanted to ride on the paddlewheel boat (big riverboat type boat, not a boat you sit in and paddle) but it wasn't at the dock, so it was probably out on a tour. Probably could have asked about the schedule, but we decided to put that off until we can go back on a sunny day.

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