Saturday, May 19, 2012

Crocheting: Learning a new skill, and picking a new project.

I haven't done any crocheting or knitting in quite some time. Instead, I've been doing a lot in the garden, as well as working on random projects around the house. Also, it just didn't feel quite right to work with yarn when it's so hot and humid outside. I know that's a silly reason, but it is what it is. I was at the library Thursday, which is also where they hold the weekly crochet (and knit) group, and one of the women who participates is a librarian and asked where I'd been. I realized that I've missed the needleworking group a lot. The social part of it is as important as learning new skills and working on projects. Since I don't have any really big projects planned, I thought about what I could work on that I could use now, instead of having to pack away until Winter.

I'm really not into little decorative projects all that much, and don't really have much interest in making small useful projects like dishcloths either. I did however, think that it'd be a fun project to make a white cotton crocheted purse for Summer. And decided this at around ten o'clock last night. Fortunately, there's a Walmart with a craft section about five minutes from my house! I got a big cone of white cotton yarn for the purse, and then also bought a small ball of cotton yarn in a really pretty shade of red because I just really liked the color and figured it'd be something pleasant to look at when I do practice work.

I spent some time looking online at purse patterns, and narrowed it down to a few, but that red yarn kept calling to me, and I thought "FLOWER!"  It'd make a really pretty flower! I've never crocheted a flower before, but figured it couldn't be that hard, since I've finally made it into the "intermediate" category as far as crochet skills. So, I got out a hook, and got online, and went to Youtube to find a tutorial.

I used this tutorial, as I've used some of her other tutorials before and the instructions and video are very clear and easy to follow. Youtube: Crochet Geek- Crochet Flower - How To Add Rounds  This one was no different. I only had to rip out stitches twice (which is pretty good for something new to me) and when it was over, ended up with a pretty yarn flower. I decided to only make two layers of petals, since it was getting pretty big and also since it was getting really late and I wanted to get at least a few hours worth of sleep before this morning.

I pulled part of my hair back, and made a ponytail with it, and secured the yarn flower to the hair elastic with a bobby pin, through one of the back loops. It looks pretty cute that way. I'm going to look for a little clip to stitch it to, so that it's more secure than just a bobby pin.  And make more of them in different colors!

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