Thursday, May 10, 2012

Garden update: 5/9/2012 - With photos!

Things that are growing in my garden, photos taken yesterday evening as the sun was going down. Pardon the photo quality, my phone camera isn't all that great.

Above is a flat of "Fino Verde" basil seedlings. A compact bushy plant with a more spicy flavor than sweet basil. They'll be ready for transplanting around the end of the month I think.

Above are some "Roma 2" Italian style broad green beans. They're coming along nicely. I have 7 or 8 of these plants, and they're supposed to be heavy producers, so I'm looking forward to a nice harvest. Come Fall, I intend to plant 12 of the plants since they're doing so well.

Above is the first cucumber of the season, I believe this one is a Japanese heirloom. It might be a Marketmore though., I can't remember which I planted where. LOL! I hand fertilized it just to be sure. I haven't seen many bees around, and it's easy enough to give Nature a helping hand.

Above are a LOT of maturing jalapeno peppers. Hot peppers always do really well for me, I guess they like the hot and humid climate. Home-grown is always hotter than ones I find at the store too.

Above are lots of Meyer lemons maturing on the older of the two trees. The younger tree isn't producing this year, but I read that they sometimes do that, alternate bearing years, especially when immature.

Above is the first bell pepper of the season, this one gets picked when it turns red. Bell peppers don't produce as well for me as hot peppers, but the ones that do make it to harvest are very tasty.

Above is a cluster of yellow pear tomatoes. When ripe, they'll be bright yellow and about an inch and about an inch and a half long.

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