Monday, January 16, 2012

Garden stuff, and a funny cat photo

Gizmo, with a complely "derpy" little  look on his face!

 So, some of the stuff I planted last weekend has sprouted, I checked this afternoon and both the turnips and the mixed color "easter egg" radishes have sprouted. I'm still waiting on the chard, beets, spinach, and kohlrabi though. I went ahead and planted some carrots, I had the seeds and the containers were ready for them, so this afternoon I got them in the dirt. They take a while to sprout, so we'll see what happens.

I made it to the nursery on Saturday and picked out a few blueberry bushes that do well in our area. We're going to build a raised bed for them sometime within the next month while they're still dormant. I also got a couple herb plants (a parsley and another chocolate mint). I think the blueberries may be all we get to with the front yard landscaping right now, it's a big enough project to make a start with. There's a spot in the corner of the yard where they'll get plenty of sun and fit just fine. I've been keeping my eye out on the local Craigslist for people either giving away old bricks or selling them cheap so we can build a planter bed out of them. We did that in the back yard with some old bricks that had just been stacked up behind the house and it came out really well. If we find some bricks for cheap (or even better, for free), we can do more in the way of landscaping because we won't have to spend so much of our budget on materials.

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