Thursday, January 12, 2012

How much Gizmo the kitten has grown in just 4 and a half months!

Gizmo was just a tiny little thing when we got him back at the end of August. He's grown SO much in the past four and a half months. Here are a couple photos of him taken sleeping next to Pixel, his companion and snuggle-buddy. I don't know how much bigger he's going to get, but since he was only around 8 weeks old when we got him, he still has a little bit of growing left to do before he reaches full maturity. He's such a healthy and happy little cat, I'm glad my husband brought him home. He was in a storage lot where D.H. had to go for work one day, and just walked right up to him meowing and rubbing on his ankles. He was tame, friendly, clean, and housebroken so we know he wasn't a stray. I don't know if he was dumped or managed to wander all the way from the only apartment complex in the otherwise industrial area (which was across a very busy six lane road, railroad track, and empty field). I think he was dumped, but maybe he did wander that far?  We'll never know for sure.

Taken soon after we got Gizmo, around the first of September

How big he's gotten as of January 10th

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