Monday, January 23, 2012

The guest bedroom that never gets slept in. What a waste of good space!

I wonder how many other people out there have a guest bedroom that never gets slept in? It was a good idea when we moved into a house. Finally a third bedroom to use for something else than the computer, bookshelves, and storage! Besides, we might have friends and family over for extended visits, so it'd be nice to have something other than the sofa to offer them for the night. A guest bedroom made perfect sense at the time. So, I went a little wild decorating it with a "junk-tique" kind of theme. I had an old armoire that my dad had given me, a small jewelry armoire he had given me too, a great old velvet upholstered headboard with a heavy scrolled gilt frame, and all kinds of thrift store and antique shop decorative odds and ends to finish the look. I also lucked out and found this nice tapestry bedding set that actually went fairly well with the green headboard on clearance, along with a bunch of velvet draperies to complete the look for less than $10 a panel. It all came together quite well for the little bit of money I put into it.

But in the past four years, nobody has ever used it as it was intended. I've sat in there to read and to catch a catnap now and then, but that's it. I have this awesome little guest bedroom but the only time anybody slept over, they crashed out on the couch anyway.  I think because I overdid it on the fou-fou factor and the guy was worried about losing a man card if he'd spent the night surrounded by all that velvet and flea market finery. LOL!

As you can see, it's a very small room. There is just barely enough room to walk around the bed on all three sides. You can open the door to the armoire without hitting the bed, but not by much. With the bed in there, there isn't room for anything else. The armoire holds extra bedding, pillows, and whatnot, the two closets opposite it hold all my sewing supplies, fabric stash, yarn stash, and papercrafting/scrapbooking supplies.

I decided this past weekend that it'd just make more sense to get rid of the bed and turn it into a sewing and craft room.  It's plenty big enough for that. I'd just set up my big worktable against the wall where the headboard is now, under the window. And move the armoire back just a bit, to give some more room. With the bed gone, there would even be room against the wall in front of the foot of it for a big comfy chair and use the nightstand for a side table. I could even get a "chair and a half" that converts into a twin bed for the off chance that we someday might actually have a guest that needs a room to stay in.

So, that's my mission. To try and sell off the bed, headboard, and linens on Craigslist. Not sure if I will have any takers, but I'll try.

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