Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year's Resolutions?

I'm so-so on the concept of New Year's resolutions. I think that they're a really good way to set yourself up for failure if you go about them the wrong way. Most people I know make really extreme resolutions. They're going to get into shape, get back to their high school weight, organize their house, get out of debt, find their dream job. All these absolutes, and one year to accomplish them! 

How about just resolving to make a good honest effort at something that's not out of the realm of the do-able?  Or just to continue with or build upon a positive endeavor that you've already started?  That way you've got a goal, but it's open-ended and something you can easily accomplish and feel good about.

My resolutions are mostly about continuing things I've already started. Keeping up with a healthy lifestyle is top of the resolution list. But I also added a few new ones. Finishing more projects, doing more social things, and finding some kind of local volunteer opportunity.

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